north clouds

“has this parliament obliged to nothing”

Two Swiss farms with lower outlay
No surprise

is than and the of many
in comparable in
but not

required you read more than thirty.
something more profound
for all of us,

modernity reveals itself in
grape juice profit
of course
So you decide grapes are far from enough

Consider wine:
the tiny concentration of chemical protection.
There are clarifiers,
In many places
Once picked

the growing evidence of green revolution
pretty farming
antithetical world
cheap oil and
endless Pop-Tarts is still the best game in town.

skinny sirens soothe the eye
the dark
blip in the GDP
build factories
bake the planet
take over.
my eyes water freely
forever caressing a little flower
depressed and high
on fading postcards
I had an SUV to get
All I want
urban sprawl
cut off
rocks and slippery undergrowth
to go
to the barren world
lush meadows and
along fallen logs
Every generation
stream to quench my thirst
By the time my kids
moss carpets
fools who won’t
when the sun would
their thumbs
cover myself in pine branches
doubt it?
to be humbled

what counts around the world, economics professor:
opportunity cost for the dead
in the halls of academe
is total

Their standard procedure to discourage inaccurate power
may release apologies to understand a journalist
for example

drowning does manage to penetrate context

siren-like beauty of the loveliest today
our planned end and grey-headed wind
can sweep the world off your feet

I plant over albatrosses
so the north clouds glide through heavens

enforced from silent refuge
under hall doors