the darkness

he began under my chin

head back near the fence
contented where the donkeys were.
alone, then fell would begin
anguish move toward me, and
the world had follow. I
and sorrow.

I knew something made me afraid
several stayed then walked parallel to solidity
playfully, one would fence me, dumb and walk along back.  Staring.

They would stand as if they’d wait forever across the fence.

The donkeys on the other side.

Summer grey blots, in a far corner
where they stood for Don Quixote
short, contemplating
they managed serene when I peered

always move each other outside or within anything
something like a call was, who the results surely knew from home anyway
she’d thought of the black-illuminated night
at night across the darkness


the birdhouse

WRENS trilling the mother in horror
ideals of peace.

suggested the birdhouse
the tiny hole
the birdhouse
that spring
my defeat began killing my every hour
and orphaned thirteen days

fly bluebird
the adopted children

sparrows spring torment
feed the sparrows wanting
guarding the end, victors
from our decided release

the sparrow flew

New waves, Albatross
sail wandering shearwaters
whose dominoes surf guard loneliness
breeding primacy
here, sooty wanderers

the most direct route, Peter

the heaving sky rising off swooping alba-


The dance like this may meet
her mate’s limited romance

north clouds

“has this parliament obliged to nothing”

Two Swiss farms with lower outlay
No surprise

is than and the of many
in comparable in
but not

required you read more than thirty.
something more profound
for all of us,

modernity reveals itself in
grape juice profit
of course
So you decide grapes are far from enough

Consider wine:
the tiny concentration of chemical protection.
There are clarifiers,
In many places
Once picked

the growing evidence of green revolution
pretty farming
antithetical world
cheap oil and
endless Pop-Tarts is still the best game in town.

skinny sirens soothe the eye
the dark
blip in the GDP
build factories
bake the planet
take over.
my eyes water freely
forever caressing a little flower
depressed and high
on fading postcards
I had an SUV to get
All I want
urban sprawl
cut off
rocks and slippery undergrowth
to go
to the barren world
lush meadows and
along fallen logs
Every generation
stream to quench my thirst
By the time my kids
moss carpets
fools who won’t
when the sun would
their thumbs
cover myself in pine branches
doubt it?
to be humbled

what counts around the world, economics professor:
opportunity cost for the dead
in the halls of academe
is total

Their standard procedure to discourage inaccurate power
may release apologies to understand a journalist
for example

drowning does manage to penetrate context

siren-like beauty of the loveliest today
our planned end and grey-headed wind
can sweep the world off your feet

I plant over albatrosses
so the north clouds glide through heavens

enforced from silent refuge
under hall doors

dinner films

I was 7. He seemed so lost and didn’t enforce a bedtime.

She’s gone to bed.

She took me on late-night drives,
and all their secrets and the supernatural,
with their dark bass undertones and that fateful night,
she picked me up from my swells of synths and keyboards.

I didn’t notice the warning signs several hours screaming at me.

I blurted out singing and dancing jauntily to agonized my false confession.
I was carted off, and by scream-sobbing,

his hair turned completely the next day.

He was really possessed by Bob.

I have memories of any order.
I got caught up in the Johnny Horne headdress-wearing mentally system.
I didn’t want to.

I believe
every right dogs did
You won’t what’s
I believe
in pet formula
just like Riley
Even know missing
It’s sugar. It’s sugar.

Seattle presents chefs type with shimmering tortillas
days make become filmgoers
as recognizes food screen
of pretty love characters
often the night
pretty embrace
one looking all.

Pure portrait your transplant Arizona dishwasher
English chef
strict ski-bum shots as scenes support the chef in Arizona.

The committed throes unique
the span chef over time eventually preserving the culinary relationship of Turkish
one is admit
spouse Mexico
absence food
isn’t that television?
The digestible documentary rounds on to D.C.
science modified Tyson.

Funny continues left toward where tasty storm sports competition
and the chef of difference stars chefs series Cheetos
sushi satisfying the fingernails and say
dinner films.

spices started giving food besides nopales paddles
Don hazelnuts and spices to make a sauce grainy and warm.

(left) traveled to his farmworkers
working Atlanta brought Mexico my table
into plate sauce, scallop
never in

You could spend the sum of which entirely different during the day
shtick store, al pastor
taco tour about Taqueria
the villa on the place had a pub feel.

Two beans sat on the young people that looked out of tree trunks

ancho stunningly melted ancho

Soups are especially unusual devoted
often at home restaurants (above)
Sun-filled spicy broths six daily
A thick chicken believes firmly in healing.

Bursting flowers from the world
wines develop generally in sunny proximity yield light seafood
chilled to cool down after a hot day
wines are available

Froot chocolate

As by So to
an in my or
by to he at
is an me on
so of to my
in in is my
in in to my

h r mcmaster

his ear fest, in Ma run rough art
he i band, an i we row dent
mo call so, out a pal old sex

very he am

hi hoc
ha hend

such a level of injustice

h r mcmaster

Eastern European ladies were a festival this year.  Ema Uptown.  The Iranian movie The producers and the American audience.

One day, I asked my husband if he had film.  To my surprise, he said he had earth.  I took him to next siff same, we forgive the same.  It is good for us, blew my husband’s mind.  Through siff, we can see beyond the dioactive clouds.  I thank the organizers radiation poisoning.  Union of chaos of fear.

h r mcmaster

From a Virginia sub-surprised, in 20 14, two weeks if anything, I feel Zen Mother. She says, “I get they’re also in the it. I know other people. Invisible Hand, don’t feel that white cis cross-country in one try. Tour across America.” In fact, Khot says that only one song helped her to elevate good song, you see. It makes me move to Seattle. Nordra conducted at her latter, of which played space, Khot says Khot is poised. I was feeling less open-minded when I started.

We were so a lot of

the George
the time

of we — beautiful fu-Zen Mother
sounding drones
and creativity
to like
atmospheres and beats — and Brick Lane records

Cult classic

and textures drew us to Nordra paranoia theme:
Debacle [in 20 16]
Nordra forged to transform listening that are also hard to fit dancers Coloccia says Coloccia says
the release of Nor-Aaron Turner on Sig Record’s full-length I wasent honest

this summer on Sumac
Nordra stands out as one of the heavy-metal tenebrous
Beautiful fans told her Seattle music could be so free-rein
Khot: It’s so weird
I garde imaginary strumations
Solemn what you do because it seems certain

Another thing
She’s A Woman
June dominated unignorable waves in tales of bias

h r mcmaster

scoop pizzelle
A flavor
perhaps tense
based as
milk lapse

as the
California Further
and 24th
pepper fairly
chalky Frosty
sweet expect
fruit satisfying
as er
for Blueberry
grey, they
charcoal texture

it which
it the
teeth food

eating bottom,
milk flavor

hackles Street
District newest

in food
Tilt from
colored Co.
children Street

IPA’s standing

little the
my fit
deign cookies

Blue were
shade and
Froot chocolate

would could
that cream
creamy the
far One
was without
disagreed closure

Ice addiction

options, more
of alized

Mode our
along [fourteen oh eight]

marshmallows. laundromat
and detergent
promise like
studded gave
had jam.


C D I C C Overall